I Wish Every Weekend Were Like This…

I’ll admit, this weekend felt pretty glorious. I took Friday off as a mental health sort of day. My mom is moving back to TN starting this weekend, and I had a lot to do around the house. Those are my excuses for a Friday off. Having that extra day made the weekend feel so much longer and more relaxed. We didn’t rush around to get things done.

My Friday list included grocery shopping and cleaning the house along with loads and loads of laundry. I managed to get it all done AND make a killer lunch and dinner. We tried spaghetti and butternut squash for the first time this weekend. We’ll definitely be making those again. Sean was not easy to convince, but I think he’s at least ok with them now.

Saturday we checked out a local running store called The Big Peach. We’re going to need new shoes this year and a couple of new piece of gear for the marathon we plan to run (like very attractive hydration vests!). I got some new candles at the mall, too, that make our house smell like one giant spa. It’s verrrry rrrrrelaaaaxing. 🙂

Saturday afternoon we had to wait for a furniture repairman to come look at our couch. One seat gets caught on something underneath it and doesn’t recline all the way. I have a feeling it’s that way because of the assembly. But the repairman is just going to replace the entire seat on the couch. I guess that’s good service?

After that, we headed to Red Top Mountain for our first visit. Please don’t shame us! We’ve lived here almost 4 years without visiting. Yikes! We found a parking space right up front (lucky!), and headed out for a nice 5.5 mile hike. It was a nice course, with lots of inclines and views of Lake Allatoona. Sean brought his hiking hydration pack and I brought a bag of carrots. Always gotta be prepared, people.

Sunday was a little more difficult since the time changed. I always feel so off kilter the first day. Oh my gosh, we slept in till 6:30! Just kidding it’s technically 5:30. How can it be noon already?! Because it’s not really noon in real life. Is it already time for dinner? . . . I’m sure you get the point.

Tee weather this weekend was optimal for never going inside. We went for a walk early Sunday morning, had a huge and delicious breakfast, trekked up some giant hills for over 5 miles of Sunday Runday, and sat outside and enjoyed the garden and the sun. We were signed up for a “How to Tile” class, but the instructor injured his neck so we just wandered around Home Depot and looked at tile, appliances, flooring, outdoor furniture, grills, and drills. All the things we want but can’t afford. If only we won the lottery! 😉

How was your weekend? Did you go out and enjoy the weather? 


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