Burn, Baby, Burn

This past weekend was the perfect time to relax and do nothing. We did do a little something, but mostly just rested and got ready for the upcoming week. Sean’s dad was in town for a dentist conference, so we were able to meet with him Saturday morning for breakfast. We tried a place in downtown Woodstock called J. Christopher’s and it was pretty good. There’s really no way to mess up breakfast, but I don’t know how a breakfast place can be better than all the others. It was just… good breakfast. I got eggs, bacon, potatoes, an English muffin, and a piece of French toast. Sean helped me finish most of it off, but I put up a valiant effort to get through it all.

It was a drizzly and chilly morning, but Sean’s dad took us to Home depot in his big truck so Sean could get my early birthday present–a grill! I can’t wait to master the art of grilling. it was gross on Saturday, but I made Sunday official GrillDay. My grilling mantra was to go big or go home. I tried to grill everything, which maybe wasn’t the best choice.

After a grueling and cold trail run Sunday morning, I tried to grill some leftover turkey breasts for a salad topper. That wasn’t the best choice, but it worked. For dinner, I got ambitious and tried to grill salmon, asparagus, and sweet potato wedges. Against Sean’s wisdom and advice, I put the sweet potato wedges right on the grill instead of in some foil. I burned 3/4 of them. Sad face. I also left the asparagus on too long and they got mushy. Aaaand, I may have overcooked the fish. But. BUT. BUT!!! Practice makes perfect. So, I’m sure I can only get better. And maybe perfect my technique.

Along with a grill and grill accessories (like tongs! and grill covers! etc.), I got these adorable little pig corn holders. I cannot wait to grill some corn on the cob and eat them with the little pig holders. So cutes!

As mentioned earlier, we made our way out to Kennesaw Mountain this Sunday for a trail run. We had a 9-mile training run scheduled for our upcoming half in April. I thought a change of scenery would serve us well, so I suggested we make it a trail run instead of a road run. Whew. That was a rough transition.

We did a 7-mile loop and called it a day. After completing (a very slow) 14.5 in the CrossFit Open on Friday, I was done and done. I try not to take naps on Sunday because it messes with Sunday night sleep (which usually isn’t awesome for me anyway, since I’m always worrying about Monday), but after that trail run, I conked out for about an hour. Sean knows the no-nap Sunday rule, so he tried to get me up, and I did not want to participate. True love is putting up with someone’s half awake attempts to go back to sleep at all costs.

Sorry for going so long between postings. I just haven’t had too much interesting stuff going on. Hope your Tuesday is magnificent!

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