Yoga & Godzilla

Oh hey, guys. I didn’t forget about this little old blog of mine, just took a tiny, unintentional break because I’ve been a little overwhelmed with life. And, let’s face it, if given the choice to write or sleep, I will choose sleep all day, erry day. Things have been chugging along here. Regarding my last post, I got another bird feeder for my fattybirds. They are totally loving, and now waddle out of the yard. Too fat to fly.

Fat Bird

I recently bought a Groupon for a local “fancy schmancy” yoga place. They have candles and lavender towels and all that jazz. My friend Kristin and I went to the Sunday Yin Yoga class. It’s basic, deep stretches held for a really long time in a warm room. I liked the stretching part, but we also apparently signed up for a free lecture from the instructor on reaching nirvana through more than 1 type of yoga and telling the difference between pain that’s dangerous versus pain that you need to push through for healing. Answer to that last one: you just gotta know on your own. I guess that’s what happens when you’re chi are aligned or something? You just know.

Dog yoga

I don’t mean to be a cranky face about yoga. I actually really like it, especially when it requires minimal effort/strength/balance like this class I went to did. I can’t say I found the lesson part mega relaxing, though.

Changing subjects again, I recently found this video of this former American Idol contestant. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you’d imagine. He sang a 30-second version of this song on the show once, and I’ve been waiting my whole life for the full version. Thankfully, it looks like someone who’s related to him finally posted what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s so jazzy and smoooooooth.

Delicious, no? I’ve been listening on repeat since yesterday. Here are some other things I love right now:

The meta-off between Ryan Gosling & Macaulay Culkin. These guys…

MetaBattle Ryan Gosling Macaulay Culkin

Yo dude, we heard you like shirts of your face on other people’s shirt of your face… Is that how this works? Someone call Xzibit, please.

This website called TheSkimm where they sum up important news to you in a daily email. This isn’t a referral link because this homie don’t play that.


Hahaha. You can ask Google nicely to delete something. And they might even comply!

Ok, last thing I love of the day:


You haters can hate on me all you want, but I’m pretty stoked to go watch a giant lizard and his friend wreak havok on well-known cities!

What are you totally loving recently?

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