What’s Been Going Down

Hi again! I still exist. Just an FYI. Things have finally settled down around here, though some more major changes might be coming about. Firstly, I’ve been taking a break from blogging to take on a lot more freelance work. It’s definitely exciting to see pieces you wrote get published on big news sites and important company blogs. The extra money coming in also helps since I’ve been studying for the GMAT and busy applying to MBA programs.


WUT??? That’s right, I’ve been MIA because I’m trying to get into grad school for an MBA in marketing. My previous graduate school attempts were unsuccessful, so I wanted to keep this one on the semi-DL since the potential for me to screw up the GMAT was high (given that my freelance stuff often got prioritized before studying).

I haven’t been accepted yet, but I have paid for and taken the GMAT and applied to schools. If I do get in, I’m hoping to do an evening program so I can continue to work while I learn about bizznizz and finance. We’ll see how it goes. Gotta get accepted first.

throwing money

My current level of business acumen

I didn’t want to pay the $500+ it costs to take a GMAT test prep course, so I decided to buy some books and get down to business on my own. That was probably not the smartest idea, but it saved me money in the long run. Plus, I can almost guarantee that I would have performed the same regardless of studying by myself or taking a class. I did really well in the verbal & writing parts–getting into the 90thish percentile for verbal and getting a 6 on the writing. Don’t be impressed, my math & integrated reasoning skills evened me back out to average level–or below.

Other than that I’ve just been trying to live it up. Summer is here and my garden is doing well. I ate the first green bean crop from le garden the other night. They were so crunchy and delicious! We also picked our first crop of lettuce last night. That’s what’s for dinner tonight.

Happy Monday, all. I’m going to get better at blogging again, I promise.

One thought on “What’s Been Going Down

  1. Well, well, well! You are busy as a bee improving yourself! Wishing you the very best as you continue your life journey! Home grown veggies … A good choice. The very best….blessings!

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