The Big News

Have you guys been watching the World Cup? So many upsets! So many OWN GOALS! SO MANY FLOPS AND FOULS! We don’t have cable, so I can’t say I watch much soccer during the non-World Cup years (but I play it guys, I’m not just a fair-weather fan). I read about it, and wish I were a better, more knowledgeable soccer fan. However, I’m loving the chance to watch these teams.

Marcelo Own Goal

A lot of (American) people don’t understand the World Cup, “…Fast-kicking, low scoring, and ties? You bet!”  I don’t know when everyone turned into such jerks about it, but just because a goal is 1 point (go figure) and not 7, and soccer players don’t run around a square a thousand times, doesn’t mean soccer isn’t 1. hard work, 2. an awesome sport to watch, 3. strategic, and 4. physical. So stop complaining and enjoy it. Or else!

Today we find out if Costa Rica knocks England out (in group play!). Spain who WON the cup last go-round is totally out! I cannot focus on much else recently.

Hand Egg


The fact that I’ll be starting a new job on Monday (what?!). That, plus I was accepted into the MBA program at Kennesaw State University!

Do you ever make a decision fairly quickly, and then wonder if it was the right choice? That’s how I felt about changing jobs, but everything fell into place within 2 weeks, and I just keep getting confirmation after confirmation from the universe that this is the direction I need to be heading.

More details to come, for sure. Happy Friday, folks!


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