Recent Eats, Recent Deets

The first three days of semi-paleo eating have gone well. I don’t feel insanely hungry like I did in the first days of my sugar detox. I don’t have the “deficit rage”that I did in the past. The chicken & sausage jambalaya was great the first night (though a little spicy) and the crock pot steakhouse beef & onions was mostly a success (except for me not realizing that my slowcooker didn’t have a “5 hours on low” setting… whoops!). Last night we had talapia and salads. Tonight it’s the slowcooker salsa chicken.

I love food

We made the paleo banana bread over the weekend and mixed up some of the paleo cookies Tuesday night. For someone who’s pretty anti-paleo, Sean is not minding the dinners & sweets (which I normally DO NOT make). In fact, he ate most of the cookies already. I got home from work last night, and they were mostly gone.

Cookie Monster

Working at my new job is going great. I’m trying to familiarize myself with Marketo, SalesForce, and the inner workings of insurance companies this week. I feel very behind. I know it’ll take time to learn the jargon and the industry, but I hate this “semi-knowing” phase that comes with a new job. But, there are tons of opportunities to do what I’m really good at here. So I’m definitely excited about that.


I also got the email with my required prerequisite courses to start the MBA program in August. So I have a month (or less-ish) to take accounting, finance, and statistics (even though I’m pretty sure I took that for my psych minor…).


I believe that we will win

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