The Fish Distribution Theory…

Hey guys. Just checking in. It’s been over a month since I’ve written here. I still exist, I promise. I’ve been swamped, what with the new job, traveling for training, taking MBA prerequisites, and marathon training. When I’m not doing one of those things, I’m probably asleep or eating.

Only if rave = math

So let me summarize my life recently.

I started my new job toward the end of June, and it’s been a whirlwind of learning and training. Last week, I traveled to Canada for the latter days. I went to the company’s corporate office and learned all the procedures, programs, and all that jazz. I also got a chance to check out Toronto a little bit during the evenings. Have you guys had poutine? It’s French fries with cheese curds and gravy. How are Canadians not all mega fat?


I’ve also been taking MBA prereqs EVERY day of my life. I get home from work, and take some lessons. I wake up on weekends and finish as many as I can. I’ve managed to pass finance and accounting (who knows how), and I’m currently mucking my way through statistics. These types of classes might be easy, but I’m taking the equivalent of about 3 class sessions per night every night with quizzes, tests, and assignments. I’m completely lost and have no idea what I’m doing.

I cannot wait until I have actual class where there are teachers teaching me things instead of lame slide shows with voice overs. The worst part is that the voice over for statistics has a HORRIBLE case of dry mouth for every single video. That poor woman. But seriously, listening to her mouth sounds is so distracting when I’m trying to learn about the Poisson Distribution (guys, that’s Fish Distribution, let’s not act like it’s not).

In the time I’m carving out and calling “free time,” I’m either sleeping, eating, playing soccer, running, or going to the gym. Now, please don’t be confused and think that I do all these things in one day. I don’t (except sleep and eat, I do that every night and day). On weekdays I go to the gym every morning (hellooooo, 4:30am!). Saturdays I play 1 game of soccer, and Sundays I do marathon training long-runs. Poor Sean has to put up with me being a completely useless human being in our household. He is the best human who ever existed, and I know you’re all jealous haters that someone who doesn’t even drink coffee made me the best cup I’ve had this morning.

Ok, just kidding about the jealous hater part. 🙂 Who am I? Nicki Minaj?

So, this is why I haven’t existed on my blog recently. And, honestly, it’s killing meeeeeee. I miss writing non-work, non-math stuff so much. I could have written so much about the World Cup. Or my cats. Or other things…. Maybe? See? I have so much to talk about…

Anyway, that’s the State of the Carolyn.

Looks like Boehner’s my only real hater…

One thought on “The Fish Distribution Theory…

  1. Hey Lynn!
    You have the life style of the ambitious young adult. You’ve discovered there is an interesting price to be paid for getting ahead, or just securing a career. You’re on a fast merry go round and it can be most exhausting. Once in a while the wise human steps off to evaluate what is happening and why and counts the cost.

    As long as the ride is exhilarating and fun stay the course. You have an abunda ce of energy so you can stay on the ride for a long time….so go for it.
    Best wishes as you continue to achieve! Having a supportive companion is a real extra plus!!!

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