That Time I Got a Dog

SpaceDoge2Unless you’ve been living under a rock, if you even barely know me you know that I’ve wanted a dog for forever. I’ve been asking Sean for thousands of years (it feels like that long) if we could adopt a dog, and because he’s the sensible one and also a lover of all things money-saving, he’s always passed on the idea of a dog. That’s putting it gently. In his favor, 2 of our 3 cats have had major surgery costing upwards of $1,000 each (removal of all the teeth in Lyra and bladder stone removal surgery for Pudge). So, all signs point to “We have spent too much on animals already.”

But, in a moment of weakness, Sean told me last year that once I paid off a certain bill, I could get a dog. In Sean’s mind, that meant, “We’ll at least have a year or so before we get a dog.” In Carolyn terms, that means, “How soon can I pay off this bill?” The answer was *very soon.* I, obviously, wanted to adopt an older dog who was homeless. Sean was less into that option. So, the compromise was to adopt a retired racer–a greyhound.

SpaceDoge4Now, let’s rewind a bit. I follow a lot of animal rescue groups on Facebook, including SEGA (Southeastern Greyhound Adoption). I followed their social media stuff and read almost every article on their website over the past year. I did A LOT of research on getting a dog because I know that an animal is a lifetime commitment. I even made Sean take me to a greyhound adoption event last year (maybe in like March) where we met some adopted greys and their owners, asked a whole bunch of questions, and just hung out with the dogs (until Sean was like, “The event is over, and they’re trying to leave but they can’t because of you…”)

SpaceDoge5Fast forward, I saw a dog on the SEGA website that seemed like the perfect for for our household. We’re pretty busy, so we’d need a dog that didn’t mind just chilling during the day, but also didn’t mind a good walk or even a short jog. We’d need a dog that was good with cats, especially because Lyra thinks she runs the world. With Sean’s permission (not like he owns me, but this is a mutual decision), I filled out an application, and we set up a time to meet the dog.

I spoke on the phone with the adoption coordinator, and asked a million questions while she told me about the dog’s personality. His foster mom and I talked on the phone and I asked a million questions. And then we were set to meet him.

We met le doge and his foster mom at Kennesaw Mountain on a Saturday afternoon. It was a chilly, windy day, but we managed. And… we walked away with a dog!

SpaceDoge3His racing name was Slatex Mancos, and his foster called him Manny. Sean had decided on Space Ghost before we got him. So he’s Space Ghost now.

He’s a pretty interesting character, so far. Being a racing dog meant that he hasn’t grown up like other dogs have. He was not really used to humans–except for the people who came to feed him and take him out to potty. This means that he doesn’t really understand what petting and love is all about, though he has gradually warmed up to accepting our affection if he’s in the mood. Being a retired racer also means he doesn’t get the concept of toys, stairs, or other “regular dog” things.

SpaceDoge1Space Ghost, or Ghostface Killah as I sometimes call him, is adjusting fairly well. We’ve had only a few mishaps–like him chewing through a bunch of cords for funsies or pooping in Sean’s car onthe way to the vet. We definitely have a LOT of work ahead of us, but we’re already seeing progress, and that’s promising (we finally got him to WANT to go for walks just this past weekend).

So here’s the part where you give me all your dog advice. Thanks in advance.

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