Staycay Recap

When we started planning our vacation earlier in the year, we really only had decided that we were going to do it during the first week in August. That week was one of the only few break times between classes for me, and no one wants to worry about homework on vacation. At first, we planned on going to Orlando to visit Universal (we love theme parks!) and maybe even Disney.

But, we decided to make it a staycation instead and use our vacation saving toward making our backyard more fun-friendly.  We started researching things to do in Atlanta, and we had even more fun ideas: Braves games, indoor go-kart racing, rock climbing, etc.

Aaaaand we ended up doing none of it, and it was pretty much the best.

Monday: We went kayaking on Lake Allatoona in the morning and then saw the latest Mission Impossible movie for our afternoon.

Kayaking Lake Allatoona

Tuesday: Sean made a trip to the ER at 3 in the morning for severe stomach pain. They diagnosed it as a side effect of something viral, gave him some Percocet in his IV, and sent us on our way with 6 prescriptions. We went home and ate breakfast. Sean slept for the rest of the day, and I went to the gym at 4pm. Riveting!

Vacation ER Visit

Wednesday: We went to Home Depot and painted our half bathroom.

Thursday: My ankle was VERY sore from something I’d done the day before. SO we finished decorating the newly painted half bathroom and took naps.

Friday: I went to TN for a family reunion while Sean stayed home and tended to our farm (4 animals = $$$ to board and feed). My brother and I went hiking that afternoon.

Rainbow Falls Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Saturday: I was still at the family reunion. Sean cleaned. I made it home around 8:30, and we went out for wings. I’ve never been out for wings before. I was so tired. The wings were good.

Sunday: We got ready for Monday and lamented the end of vacation.

So where is our vacation money going? We extended our back patio and are having it covered by the very awesome Craig Treichel. So far, it looks amazing. I’m mega excited! It’s going to be an awesome way to spend the fall months.

Patio Awning Addition

This weekend Sean and I also started on a cool project for the porch. This homemade outdoor dining table. So far we’ve only cut the wood, but there’s so much going on!

2 thoughts on “Staycay Recap

  1. Just to let you know I’m reading some of your posts. Showing good young American resourcefulness by doing/making things yourself.

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

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