I’ve lived a bunch of places in my life, but right now I call a small town outside of Atlanta my home. I live here with my boyfriend of 5+ years, Sean, who works for the National Park Service. No, he’s not a ranger. He’s IT. We just bought a home in Woodstock. Not the musical one, the southern one. We have three wonderful, very bad cats (yes, cats–not kids): Pudge, Tesla, and Mitten Head.

Cuddly Pudge


I asked for decaf!


Sleepy Mitten

Mitten Head

Together we like to stay pretty active. We run tons of fun 5ks and an annual half marathon. I ran my first marathon–the Atlanta Marathon–in October 2012 and competed in my first two triathlons in the spring of 2012. I’m hoping to do a half Iron Man by 2014, but haven’t officially registered. We play soccer on the weekends, and I just started CrossFit in April 2013.

How we met

This blog is an account of my life. It doesn’t have a particular “theme,” but I write about everything from fitness and health to reading and movies. Cats are often a topic of discussion, and I hope to start including some DIY and home-related posts as we start projects on the new house!

Please take a look around. Maybe start at my Top 10 Posts page. These are posts that are the most popular on the site, not the ones I’d necessarily choose as my best, but the people want what the people want. Feel free to ask questions, and I’ll be happy to answer.

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