Try a Little Tenderness

I woke up to the news that a family member of a friend who had struggled with cancer had passed away last night. The young woman was 24. Younger than I am. It's gloomy and rainy here, and though I only met this woman once very briefly, her passing is hanging over my heart--a reflection … Continue reading Try a Little Tenderness


Autumn Addiction

I'm having a seriously deep and intense craving for fall. I've got that yearning pit in my chest like autumn broke up with me a few months ago, and I'm mostly over it but every so often get whiff of fall scents or reminders of the relationship, and I neeeeeeed it back in my life. … Continue reading Autumn Addiction

The Myth of the Thigh Gap

I've seen a few articles floating around the news that the "thigh gap" has become the new standard of thinness and beauty in young women in the United States (and maybe even abroad). A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs that girls and women are apparently dieting & exercising to achieve. Sure, … Continue reading The Myth of the Thigh Gap