How to Get Celebrity-Styled Hair

Hold on to your hats, folks. I'm about to make your Monday. My mom is a hairdresser, which should mean that I know how to do my own hair. But it actually means that I didn't learn how to put my hair in a pony tail unassisted until high school. When I was in a … Continue reading How to Get Celebrity-Styled Hair


The Weekend of Sweets

Don't you just love a relaxing (coughlazycough) weekend? Mine started off nicely with a mother-daughter lunch on Friday. My mom just moved to Georgia, and we went out to a tasty Thai place near my work. It was good to see my mom and hang out a little. Plus, Sean recently said he's burned out … Continue reading The Weekend of Sweets

Dealing with Injury

I had this whole post written about staying positive and focusing on the good in times when you're feeling low, but I felt like it'd be really disingenuous if I posted that out there in the world when I've been acting like the exact opposite. My leg is in the most pain from about 8pm … Continue reading Dealing with Injury