The Friday Jumble

Sorry for being the queen of mopes yesterday, and thanks to those who reached out to me in email and on Facebook. I know that healing takes time and patience, and while I have plenty of the former, the latter is what escapes me at the moment. Sean and I did our nightly after-dinner walk … Continue reading The Friday Jumble


30 Things – Greatness

From my list of 30 Things: What is the thing you most wish you were great at? There are a lot of things I'm mediocre or not good at that I wish I excelled in: patience, kindness, tenderheartedness, bravery, etc. So, I'm going to answer this question in regard to my work. Since I've been … Continue reading 30 Things – Greatness

Tutorial: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog–Part I

I get a lot of messages from other people asking how they can start their own blogs. I've decided to create a How-To Blogging series to help answer your questions. This is just the basic set-up, initial post. But I plan on posting about what to write, how to write, blog SEO, tagging, etc. So, please send … Continue reading Tutorial: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog–Part I