7 Types of People Who Suck at Public Transportation

Since I-85 in Atlanta burned and collapsed, there are more people riding the train who don't seem to know how to manage themselves on public transit.

Your New Robot Overlord

Heyo. Long time, no see. I've been wicked busy recently, as everyone who ever existed is. It's really the greatest excuse of our time: "Oh, I can't, I'm so busy." I know, if you want to make time for something, you will. As everyone who read this blog knows, sleep = my one true love … Continue reading Your New Robot Overlord

Staycay Recap

When we started planning our vacation earlier in the year, we really only had decided that we were going to do it during the first week in August. That week was one of the only few break times between classes for me, and no one wants to worry about homework on vacation. At first, we … Continue reading Staycay Recap