Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too quickly again. Sean and I went grocery shopping on Friday night, which took up most of the evening. We had a quick dinner afterward and then headed to bed early since we had the Run Like Hell in the morning. I typically wear a box costume for this race, but … Continue reading Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap

Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running

Not much new stuff has been happening on my end of the earth recently. I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the sleep I missed out on this past weekend. We're almost there. I've just got to hold out for 2 more days. I finally went swimming for the first time since … Continue reading Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running

Soccer, Cats, and Sleeping

This Saturday (hopefully) is the beginning of fall soccer season. I am so excited and slightly nervous to see how it goes. So far, running hasn't been one of my strong suits. I'm not at that place where running is fun anymore. Or where it's at least a comfortable struggle. My running club was canceled … Continue reading Soccer, Cats, and Sleeping