Weekend Updatez

[Note: I just realized that my new fall header (somehow?) messed up my auto-publish from this last night. Why does WordPress hate me? I'll try to figure it out tonight.] There goes another quick weekend, gone in the blink of an eye. I stayed at work a little later on Friday night so I could … Continue reading Weekend Updatez

Cookies, Soccer, and Movies

Why do weekends have to end? I didn't sleep as much as I usually do on the weekends, but I'm hoping that will mean I sleep better Sunday night. (Yes, I'm writing this before it's published.) Friday was the regular routine--grocery shopping and the like. Except we went out for dinner to my favorite Thai … Continue reading Cookies, Soccer, and Movies

Weekend To-Do List

I'm so glad it's Friday. I have so much planned for the weekend already, though we'll see how much we accomplish given the amount I'd like to sleep, as well. The weekend list includes the following: groceries (there's no food in our house) cleaning (it really needs it) soccer! (finally, it's on Saturday!) getting a … Continue reading Weekend To-Do List