Let’s Talk About Traffic

I know I shouldn't complain because traffic in places like India is a million times worse than good old Woodstock, or even Atlanta. However, I've noticed there are quite a few jerk faces on the roads that seem to feel like they can do whatever they want (probably because their tax dollars go into those … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Traffic


Traffic and CatMergencies

Ever since school has started in our county, it seems like traffic near my house and work is getting INSANE. Our neighborhood is essentially a circle with one exit/entrance (poor planning, maybe). Every morning when I leave for work, traffic is backed up WAY past the entrance/exit to our neighborhood thanks to a traffic light … Continue reading Traffic and CatMergencies

Resolution Recap–How’d March Fare?

Yup, this is how I'm keeping up with my New Year's Resolutions! How are you doing on yours? I'll keep this short since you probably get the drift by now: 1. Run 520 miles (10 miles a week): I have upped my mileage now that the weather's nicer, but I'm afraid my deficit from the … Continue reading Resolution Recap–How’d March Fare?