Walking Weekend

It's Monday! I hope your weekends were wonderful. The weather was amazing in Atlanta. I tried to spend as much time outside as possible. Saturday, Sean and I slept in until 7:45! Can you believe that?! I've never slept in that late in my entire life. After a quick breakfast, we headed out to go … Continue reading Walking Weekend


Exercise, Snow, and Beaches…

We made it to the halfway point in the week. It feels like this week is just flying by? Wasn't it just Wednesday? I'm still trying to figure out the look of my blog while teaching myself PhotoShop/InDesign/GIMP. You know, no biggie! Tonight is boxing night, and I feel like I haven't been in forever! … Continue reading Exercise, Snow, and Beaches…

A Day Ahead

Firstly can we just address the fact that this is crazy: All week I've felt like I'm one day ahead. Maybe it's because I called my mom on Monday (who has the whole week off), and right before we hung up she said, "Well, at least tomorrow's Friday." I thought to myself for a short … Continue reading A Day Ahead