Pure Pandemonium

In case you weren't aware, Atlanta and surrounding cities are still in total pandemonium. What was supposed to be a light dusting of snow turn into almost 4 inches and ice, which caught everyone off guard. As a result,¬†everyone in Atlanta got on the roads at the same time, and gridlocked the city... for over … Continue reading Pure Pandemonium

Halloween WODs, Parties, and Taste of Atlanta

Have you ever taken a vitamin that gets stuck in your throat and then dissolves there, and you can taste the vitamin dust for the rest of the day? Man, that is the pits--the dusty, vitamin-tasting pits. In other news, I ripped my palms doing toes to bar last Thursday, and they won't stop cracking/splitting. … Continue reading Halloween WODs, Parties, and Taste of Atlanta

Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running

Not much new stuff has been happening on my end of the earth recently. I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the sleep I missed out on this past weekend. We're almost there. I've just got to hold out for 2 more days. I finally went swimming for the first time since … Continue reading Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running