Autumn Addiction

I'm having a seriously deep and intense craving for fall. I've got that yearning pit in my chest like autumn broke up with me a few months ago, and I'm mostly over it but every so often get whiff of fall scents or reminders of the relationship, and I neeeeeeed it back in my life. … Continue reading Autumn Addiction


Ready for Fall

  I'm not the biggest football fan. I don't have a particular team that's "mine," but I still like the sport and what it means. It means it's fall! Fall and winter are my favorite months. Back to school, warm clothes, hearty meals, cooler weather--it's all my favorite. I know some people are real summer … Continue reading Ready for Fall

Thanks, Friday

For some reason the fall months beginning with September seem to fly by. Starting with September and winding all the way to January, the days melt into weeks which glide into months, and before we know it, it's a new year. Here's to hoping the weekend slows down a little so we can enjoy this … Continue reading Thanks, Friday