Easy DIY: How to Change a Bathroom Faucet

When we moved into our house, we started noticing the things that you never notice during the initial viewing and the walk-through--scuffed corners, builder-grade materials, and shower grossness that you don't see until you are actually taking a shower. Well, one area that was really bothering us (read: Sean) was the master bathroom sink area. … Continue reading Easy DIY: How to Change a Bathroom Faucet


Swamp Apartment – Update

The maintenance man just came and cut a part of our ceiling out. Apparently the woman above us had a hole rusted in her pipe that led from the kitchen to the sewer/disposal line. So that nasty swamp smell was merely her garbage disposal. Gag.       And now the moment you've all been … Continue reading Swamp Apartment – Update

Updates and recaps

The leaking that was plaguing our apartment, if you remember, is still occurring. In fact, it's going quite strong. It's started to leak water from under the cabinets and even from the electrical socket in our kitchen... Very safe. They keep shorting out because water's getting into the socket. I've taken pictures. It's ridiculous. We've called … Continue reading Updates and recaps