Honoring Your Body – Discomfort v. Pain

Every time I go to yoga, I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at my body in the mirror and nit picking at it. When did my hips get so wide? Can I remember a time my thighs didn't touch? Is that a paunch developing around my belly? By the middle/end of class, I'm … Continue reading Honoring Your Body – Discomfort v. Pain


Too Short Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend was fantastic for everyone. Mine was so short. Friday night I got my sweat on at hot yoga. I like Fridays because I can get there by 4:30, so I still have the rest of the evening to be awake. Though, I usually still go to bed at 9 … Continue reading Too Short Weekend Recap

Bikram (Hot) Yoga Recap

I did a lot of research before I went to my hot yoga class last night. I researched nearby studios, read reviews, read about the practice of Bikram yoga, etc. Bikram follows the same 26 poses every class. Some people think it's boring, others find it easy to mark progress. The room is set at … Continue reading Bikram (Hot) Yoga Recap