Soccer, Cats, and Sleeping

This Saturday (hopefully) is the beginning of fall soccer season. I am so excited and slightly nervous to see how it goes. So far, running hasn't been one of my strong suits. I'm not at that place where running is fun anymore. Or where it's at least a comfortable struggle. My running club was canceled … Continue reading Soccer, Cats, and Sleeping


Traffic and CatMergencies

Ever since school has started in our county, it seems like traffic near my house and work is getting INSANE. Our neighborhood is essentially a circle with one exit/entrance (poor planning, maybe). Every morning when I leave for work, traffic is backed up WAY past the entrance/exit to our neighborhood thanks to a traffic light … Continue reading Traffic and CatMergencies

Cat Surgery and Hot Yoga

Pudge is back from cat surgery. The vet said it went well, and that he was his normal self wiggling and flopping around. She called it his "alligator roll" whatever that is... Ok, I just Googled it. Consider myself informed. His little arm and belly are shaved. It's kind cute but also kinda weird. So … Continue reading Cat Surgery and Hot Yoga