The Myth of the Thigh Gap

I've seen a few articles floating around the news that the "thigh gap" has become the new standard of thinness and beauty in young women in the United States (and maybe even abroad). A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs that girls and women are apparently dieting & exercising to achieve. Sure, … Continue reading The Myth of the Thigh Gap


Reclaiming “fat”

I recently read an article on by Virginia Sole-Smith about reclaiming the word "fat." Here's a little taste: For starters, fat (unlike many derogatory terms) has other meanings. It's an essential (and tasty!) macronutrient. It's also, as Ragen Chastein of Dances With Fat points out, just your basic adjective: "When I’m having a meeting with someone I’ve not met I tell … Continue reading Reclaiming “fat”