Happy New Year!

Hooray, we made it to 2014. I've heard it from a lot of people that 2013 was just unlucky. I definitely didn't have the best year ever, but I somehow made it through. I think tough years like 2013 do a lot to help us learn about others and ourselves. I definitely had my fair … Continue reading Happy New Year!


Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

I bought this book for the iPad back in the beginning of March because I'd read a few good reviews about online from other bloggers. The story takes place in 2 snow storms on the same date--one in the 1930s, one in modern time. Each chapter switches back and forth. We start with Vera Ray, … Continue reading Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

Is it Friday yet? It feels like it should be. I don't know why these past two days have managed to feel like four, and yet it seems like I haven't gotten one day's worth of stuff done. Does that happen to anyone else? Sean is heading up to Tennessee today to visit his mom … Continue reading Wednesday Pick-Me-Up