Pacific Rim – SyFy Meets Money

This weekend was lazy, and it's already seeping into my Monday. For example, I'm sitting at the kitchen table without pants writing this. I think our weekends will ramp up a bit when I get my official go-ahead to remove the boot. I pretty much don't use the crutches at all when we're home. Now, … Continue reading Pacific Rim – SyFy Meets Money


Some Philosophical Jibberish

I'm a little stunned by what's happening in Boston and Texas and in America in general today. I feel¬†slightly¬†ashamed for being so naive about what happens in other parts of the world every. day. As I search my Twitter feed for news on what's going on in the search for the Boston Marathon bombers and … Continue reading Some Philosophical Jibberish

This is Why We Run

Though I'm not usually a big race-watcher, I was really excited to live-stream the Boston Marathon yesterday while I was at work. I listened as the elite women and men ran 6- and 5-minute miles, and even switched over to watch as both raced toward the finish line. It was exhilarating and my heart raced … Continue reading This is Why We Run