The Weekend of Sweets

Don't you just love a relaxing (coughlazycough) weekend? Mine started off nicely with a mother-daughter lunch on Friday. My mom just moved to Georgia, and we went out to a tasty Thai place near my work. It was good to see my mom and hang out a little. Plus, Sean recently said he's burned out … Continue reading The Weekend of Sweets


Beach Vacation and Cast Off!

Hey! Long time, no see. Sean and I took a break from real life (sort of), and headed to the beach last week with his family. We spent a week in Garden City, SC, a little beach just south of Myrtle Beach. I like it a lot there. We visited Sean's parents for a weekend … Continue reading Beach Vacation and Cast Off!

The farmers market and food favorites

I got up early this morning and ran a 5k by myself. Sean stayed up till 2:00 A.M. playing video games so he wasn't up for the early-morning run. I'm pretty proud of myself for 1. Getting out there at 6:45 A.M. 2. Going without Sean 3. Running a whole 5k (I know it's not … Continue reading The farmers market and food favorites