The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny

I know, I know. I've mentioned this book in pretty much every post the past few days. It's just such a good book. I finally finished it last night, and the ending wasn't a terrible disappointment like some of the other most recent books I've read (or not even finished). It apparently a part of … Continue reading The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny

A New Generation in the Workplace

It's no secret that I've been a serial job-hopper since graduating college. I've had 4 jobs in less than 3 years. Yikes, that doesn't bode well for my permanent record (read: my resume). I know I'm definitely not the only one of my graduating class who's suffered from job dissatisfaction/lack of direction/being taken advantage of … Continue reading A New Generation in the Workplace

Big News Wednesday

I've been waiting to tell you guys until some things settled down, but I've finally got some big news for you. I've accepted a job as the Marketing Coordinator for a medical illustration and animation firm. Things were going well in my job as a copywriter for the FMO I've been working for, but my … Continue reading Big News Wednesday