Pure Pandemonium

In case you weren't aware, Atlanta and surrounding cities are still in total pandemonium. What was supposed to be a light dusting of snow turn into almost 4 inches and ice, which caught everyone off guard. As a result, everyone in Atlanta got on the roads at the same time, and gridlocked the city... for over … Continue reading Pure Pandemonium


I Need Another Few Days…

Alright, I didn't exactly get everything on my weekend to-do list done, but I feel like we were "go-go-go" all weekend. We did the boring stuff on Friday night--grocery shopping and cleaning. Saturday we got up early (or, actually, when we usually get up) to have breakfast and head to my soccer game. We tied … Continue reading I Need Another Few Days…

Scattered Thoughts–Nurses, Turbo Kick, News, Etc.

It's Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Yesterday was a long day at work for me, but I wasn't even at work. We traveled to a hospital to see how they are using our product. We met some wonderful nurses who were the happiest people on earth. It makes me smile to … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts–Nurses, Turbo Kick, News, Etc.