Weekend To-Do List

I'm so glad it's Friday. I have so much planned for the weekend already, though we'll see how much we accomplish given the amount I'd like to sleep, as well. The weekend list includes the following: groceries (there's no food in our house) cleaning (it really needs it) soccer! (finally, it's on Saturday!) getting a … Continue reading Weekend To-Do List


Wonderful Weekend

  This weekend was super mega nice. The weather was beautiful which meant soccer and walks and naps in the sunshine. I'm a little sad it's over just because I want to spend some time outside again this week. Oh, well. At least my office has a window. Saturday started off with a lazy morning … Continue reading Wonderful Weekend

We Made It!

  It's finally Friday. Weeks are sneaking by right under my nose, but that doesn't mean I don't still live for the weekend. 1. That's when I get to do the things I love (play soccer, spend time with Sean, take naps!). 2. That's when I have to do the things I don't love (buy … Continue reading We Made It!