Top 5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

There's a constant debate in America right now about healthy eating. We have tons of convenience food right at our fingertips and for practically no money at all. Plenty of people make the excuse that it's "too expensive to eat healthy," but the fact is that if you make it a priority, you'll get in … Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget


Soccer and DIY Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was fun. Mine was full of things I love: soccer, sleeping, good food, and DIY projects. Soccer was way fun this weekend. Both my teams did really well, and I even had a few assists (no goals). Sunday I stayed to help another team out, and when their spare … Continue reading Soccer and DIY Weekend

Enchilada Mini Pizzas

We had a Mexican food themed week last week--not on purpose, but those were just the recipes I found online that looked good. And, man, was this one good. Quite tasty, indeed. This recipe is based on one I found on Tasty Kitchen. Enchilada Mini Pizzas Ingredients 3 12-inch tortillas (one for me, 2 for … Continue reading Enchilada Mini Pizzas