A Nap- and Movie-Filled Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. I started Friday night with 1-legged Eva at CrossFit. I only got 3 rounds, modified, in 28:55. 800m row (1-leg) 30 1-leg deadlift (30#) 3 rope pull ups The row kills me. I've been doing so much rowing. I hated it before I broke my leg, and I don't care … Continue reading A Nap- and Movie-Filled Weekend


Sean warned me before I began this weekend's baking project, if I make one more doughy mess out of something, then I am banned from yeast-requiring recipes for a while. He banned me with good reason. The past few weekends I've wasted a lot of flour, sugar, etc. while managing nasty breads and bagels. However, … Continue reading Success!