Looper Movie Review

I know I'm a little late on the movie bandwagon. You all saw this one in the theater, right? Not me. I was interested in seeing it, but not enough to pay $20 to sit next to people I don't know. Instead, Sean borrowed it from his parents last week when he was up in … Continue reading Looper Movie Review

30 Things – 10 things to Tell Your 16 Year-Old Self

1. Spend more time with your friends and less time with your boyfriend. 2. Get off the computer and read. 3. Cherish your family. 4. Think about life from the perspective of an 80-year-old. What's important now? 5. Stop being so flipping hard on yourself. Perfection doesn't fix problems, struggles, or pain. Acceptance does. 6. … Continue reading 30 Things – 10 things to Tell Your 16 Year-Old Self

Mary J. Had It Right

Mary J. Blige had it right when she sang, "No More Drama!" I consider myself a moderately patient person. I like to think I can put up with things that others may find absolutely irritating. (I'm sure people find me absolutely irritating.) But there comes a point where it's hard not to get caught up … Continue reading Mary J. Had It Right