I’m Not An Introvert–Just a Jerk Sometimes

Have you noticed that everyone one Facebook has been posting these "How to tell you're an introvert" or "Signs you're secretly an introvert" or "How to handle an friend who's an introvert" articles? Firstly, I hate to crush your dreams, but not everyone in the history of Facebook can be an introvert--and we're all probably … Continue reading I’m Not An Introvert–Just a Jerk Sometimes

Pie, Decorating, and Movies

Ermahgerd, I'm still full from Thanksgiving. I hope yours was wonderful. I have so much to be grateful this year, but I won't bore you with a list of things and people I love. My mom came over for Turkey Day and brought green bean casserole, key lime pie (a fave of Sean and mine), … Continue reading Pie, Decorating, and Movies

I’m About to Make You Mad

I got to thinking while I was cleaning the bathrooms on Saturday morning. There's nothing else to do, really, than inhale the fumes and think while you're scrubbing. I was thinking about politics and religion and the Affordable Care Act and food stamps and Facebook and welfare and all that jazz. "These are all slightly … Continue reading I’m About to Make You Mad