Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers

Another weekend without soccer, and I felt like we did so much! I took two rest days this weekend, too, since Thursday & Friday weren't good days for me. Really, the whole week was iffy, health-wise. I felt a baby sore throat coming on last Sunday night through Wednesday. I even left before the WOD … Continue reading Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers


Gone Girl – A Review

Oh my gosh. I haven't read book this riveting since... the last book I read? I'm not sure. This past weekend, I read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. I had read reviews on it before and checked it out a few times at Barnes & Noble, but it was a recommendation from my friend Meghan on Facebook … Continue reading Gone Girl – A Review

Another One Bites the Dust

So guess who stayed home yesterday because I may have given him the flu? Poor Sean has a nasty case of whatever I had. Luckily, he didn't get the stomach part of it, but he sure is coughing up a storm and can't breathe. The alarm went off yesterday morning, and I found him snoozing … Continue reading Another One Bites the Dust