Let’s Talk About Guns

After finishing the Scientology book, I decided not to read books I already had, and buy a book called, "Columbine." I'm sure you can guess what it's about. I don't know my deal with non-fiction at the moment, and I can honestly say that I never would have pegged myself as a non-fiction reader when … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Guns

Pacific Rim – SyFy Meets Money

This weekend was lazy, and it's already seeping into my Monday. For example, I'm sitting at the kitchen table without pants writing this. I think our weekends will ramp up a bit when I get my official go-ahead to remove the boot. I pretty much don't use the crutches at all when we're home. Now, … Continue reading Pacific Rim – SyFy Meets Money

Rescheduled Cast Off Blast Off

Supposedly, today's the big day. Two weeks ago my ortho gave me the disappointing news that the cast stayed on. We "compromised" by making it a two-week postponement of the Blast Off instead of 3 and he gave me a consolation "cast shoe." After all that, today is the day I'm supposed to "get the … Continue reading Rescheduled Cast Off Blast Off