I’m About to Make You Mad

I got to thinking while I was cleaning the bathrooms on Saturday morning. There's nothing else to do, really, than inhale the fumes and think while you're scrubbing. I was thinking about politics and religion and the Affordable Care Act and food stamps and Facebook and welfare and all that jazz. "These are all slightly … Continue reading I’m About to Make You Mad


It's that time of year again, when we're reminded to count our blessings. I have more than I can enumerate, but I wanted to spend a minute recognizing the people and things for which I am most grateful. I am so grateful for my family. I don't say it enough, and I don't' act like … Continue reading Thankfulness

What Are You Thankful for Today?

I read this piece this morning, and thought it was worth sharing. Here are five reasons gratitude improves your productivity and results: Gratitude attracts what we want. The universal law of attraction says that we will attract into our life the things we think about and focus on. Since this is true, wouldn't you want … Continue reading What Are You Thankful for Today?