Friday Favorites

I love Fridays because I love the weekend because I love sleeping and playing soccer and running and weekend stuff. [Edit: I found this, and it sums up my feelings about Friday.] Here are some other things I like: Behr's Fashion Gray: We're painting Sean's office and the guest bedroom. I chose this color. It's … Continue reading Friday Favorites


Labor Day Weekend List

Naps taken: 2 Kayaks on the river: 0 (Thanks, high water and rain!) Workouts: 2 (Run on Saturday & CrossFit on Monday--I'm in the grey shirt with the bar.) DIY projects: 1 (I painted some of my glass jars to look like mercury jars--outcome so far is so-so.) Movies watched: 1 (It was a documentary … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend List

Sleeping and Labor Day

I complained on Facebook the other day that I haven't slept through the night since before I broke my leg, then magically, as soon as I wrote that, I slept through the night 4 of the last 5 nights. It takes me a little bit to actually fall asleep after I get in bed, but … Continue reading Sleeping and Labor Day