Big News Friday–We’re Moving

In case you weren't part of the 99% who is aware that we were house hunting (until Sean made me stop talking about it), we finally picked a house. The closing was yesterday, and Sean made me wait to announce it until it was a done-done-done deal. I'll have plenty to tell you about on … Continue reading Big News Friday–We’re Moving

No More Excuses!

Sean informed me yesterday that I wasn't supposed to tell you all that we're house hunting, so please ignore everything I've said about it up till now... In other news, I finally made it to exercise last night after what's seemed like 2 whole months without it. I have been going to classes intermittently throughout … Continue reading No More Excuses!

THE House

House hunting has been weird. We're obviously first-time buyers, so we don't really know what we're doing. Fortunately, we have Connie and Ed--the best team of realtors Atlanta could offer. Connie is always keeping us up to date on the latest homes to come on the market at our price point, and Ed is there … Continue reading THE House