I Need Another Few Days…

Alright, I didn't exactly get everything on my weekend to-do list done, but I feel like we were "go-go-go" all weekend. We did the boring stuff on Friday night--grocery shopping and cleaning. Saturday we got up early (or, actually, when we usually get up) to have breakfast and head to my soccer game. We tied … Continue reading I Need Another Few Days…



Firstly, have you had IKEA cinnamon rolls? When Sean and I first moved to Atlanta, our friends Deb and Lee said, "If you go to IKEA, you HAVE to try the cinnamon rolls." So we did. And they are a 3 zillion calorie delight. I was thinking about them on my way home from my … Continue reading Stagnant

Exciting Saturday

Two words: KITCHEN TABLE! Did I ever tell you guys I sold my kitchen table? This was way back in June, and then it occurred to me that I have no way of getting any other form of furniture from a store to my house because I have no large vehicle. Sean was tired of … Continue reading Exciting Saturday