This is 40 Movie Review

Sunday night, Sean and I were absolutely exhausted. Our legs, backs, and feet hurt from a weekend of moving. So, we decided to plop down on the couch and watch a movie. We had heard only good reviews about it, so we went to iTunes and rented This is 40.  (source) This movie is chock full of … Continue reading This is 40 Movie Review


Pitch Perfect Movie Review

If you saw my Fat Amy post last Friday, you know I've been wanting to see the movie Pitch Perfect for a while now. Well, there was no better time than Wednesday night since I got home later than I planned, was starving, and Sean was out of town. I really like that iTunes has a … Continue reading Pitch Perfect Movie Review

A Wednesday List

  1. How can so much poop come out of three little cats? I mean, every time I clean the litter box it's like I live with three elephants! Is anyone else amazed at the amount of poo your pet can produce in just 24 hours? Maybe my cats have pooping competitions to see who … Continue reading A Wednesday List