Fourth Recap

I hope your Independence Day was wonderful. Ours was nice and relaxed because 1. there's not a whole lot to do with crutches (beside sweat doing small things), and 2. it was rainy here in Woodstock pretty much all day. It definitely wasn't as bad here as yesterday, but it was pretty steady. I'm sitting … Continue reading Fourth Recap

Wordy Wednesday

1. I'm a "Top Influencer" on one of the important medical marketing groups on LinkedIn. Boom. Even though I look like a 12-year-old in my LinkedIn picture. Look at all these medical and marketing professionals, engaging in business conversation with a 12-year-old. The joke's on them. Soon I'll be president! 2. I got a resistance … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday

The Weekend of Sweets

Don't you just love a relaxing (coughlazycough) weekend? Mine started off nicely with a mother-daughter lunch on Friday. My mom just moved to Georgia, and we went out to a tasty Thai place near my work. It was good to see my mom and hang out a little. Plus, Sean recently said he's burned out … Continue reading The Weekend of Sweets