It’s Here!

SANTA! I KNOW HIM! You guys I'm so excited. My new computer came on Friday. Of course, I was out of town, but Sean was here to sign for it. He moved my desk back into the office, brought my computer upstairs, and even wrapped it. He wrote a note on it that said, "To: … Continue reading It’s Here!


3 Days and Counting…

I made a poor choice on the spur of the moment and ordered myself a new computer this week. I don't really like not having an outlet via writing. Sean tried to convince me that I could get away with just an iPad, but I really can't. It's super hard to write on an iPad, … Continue reading 3 Days and Counting…

Quick Weekend Recap

I wish this weekend could have lasted a lot longer. Even though I spent most of it asleep (seriously), I feel like I need more rest to recuperate before Monday shenanigans. Sean's mom and aunt came all the way down from Kentucky to visit us on Thursday. They had a fun time hiking Kennesaw Mountain … Continue reading Quick Weekend Recap