Just Do You

So, remember back on World Vegetarian Day when I told you that it's totally great if you want to go meatless (even if it's just one day a week!), and then confessed that I didn't really want to be a vegetarian any more? I had a lot of great blog, Facebook, and email feedback from … Continue reading Just Do You

World Vegetarian Day (Confession)

I'm not going to talk about the government shutdown because it makes me mad. I just want to note that Sean still had to go to work today... no guarantee of pay. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly with any other company anywhere else on the planet. Done. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years … Continue reading World Vegetarian Day (Confession)

It’s Ok to Doubt Your Path

Note: This is a long, rambly post that started out one way and ended another. I debated on deleting it and starting over, but I kinda like the way it turned out. So, I'll just throw in some pictures, and we'll call it even. What people eat is a huge issue for some. Some people … Continue reading It’s Ok to Doubt Your Path