Wordy Wednesday

1. I'm a "Top Influencer" on one of the important medical marketing groups on LinkedIn. Boom. Even though I look like a 12-year-old in my LinkedIn picture. Look at all these medical and marketing professionals, engaging in business conversation with a 12-year-old. The joke's on them. Soon I'll be president! 2. I got a resistance … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday


Calm.com, Tenderheartedness, and Expectations

I've been thinking about a few things recently--yoga, anger, personal expectations, peace, and tenderheartedness. They all go together, I assure you. I found an article on Monday through LinkedIn, I believe, called "5 Steps to Controlling Your Anger." I've written about it before, but sometime I notice that I get an odd satisfaction out of … Continue reading Calm.com, Tenderheartedness, and Expectations

Big News Wednesday

I've been waiting to tell you guys until some things settled down, but I've finally got some big news for you. I've accepted a job as the Marketing Coordinator for a medical illustration and animation firm. Things were going well in my job as a copywriter for the FMO I've been working for, but my … Continue reading Big News Wednesday