Boxing and 6 Marathons Around the World

Happy Thursday! I finally made it out to boxing last night after a busy few weeks. My instructor definitely made it worth while. There were a bunch of beginners in the class, so we worked on form. Do you ever notice, after you've learned the moves and have been doing a form of exercise for … Continue reading Boxing and 6 Marathons Around the World

Jello Workout–Abbreviated

I realize the last Jello Workout I posted required a big time commitment, so I shortened it for those of you who may need a truncated version. The key to this workout is lifting heavy to the point of muscle failure. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU'RE NOT AN EXPERIENCED WORKER OUTER... Also, please see … Continue reading Jello Workout–Abbreviated

The Carolyn Workout – Part III

Alrighty, we've come to the final segment of the Carolyn Workout--what I do when I don't want to go to the gym! You can find Part I and Part II here. Sorry for slacking on this one, between 101 Dalmatians and Pinterest and Boxing and TRX I've been a little distracted from blogging. So, here … Continue reading The Carolyn Workout – Part III