Things That Bother Me

I'm just going to go right into it. 1. "Month" anniversaries. The term anniversary comes from the Latin annus (year) + versus (to turn). You cannot have a 1-month, 9-month, whatever month<12 anniversary because anniversaries only happen in years. Your anniversary is a year, 2 years, 20 years after the initial date. 2. Doctor visits. … Continue reading Things That Bother Me


30 Things – 20 Random Facts

1. I am really bad at budgeting. Sean made me a "no-fun budget," but I don't really stay within that. It's not that I'm bad with money (I think), it's just that I choose not to pay attention. terrible habit. Hopefully my New Year's Resolution will change that. 2. We never planned on having 3 … Continue reading 30 Things – 20 Random Facts

Serious problem

I have a serious problem. I've always had this problem, at least as long as I can remember. I cannot save money for the life of me. I do pretty well for a while, saving up a good amount, and then *BOOM* I lose all self-control and spend a huge chunk of it. Then it … Continue reading Serious problem