30 Things – List Your Top 5 Hobbies and Why You Love Them

Alrighty, here we go in no particular order: 1. Writing I can always express myself better when I write. Especially when I'm emotional about things--happy, sad, angry, disappointed--I just sound better and my thoughts come out clearer when I write. Sure, speaking is the most effective form of communication, but sometimes I just get in … Continue reading 30 Things – List Your Top 5 Hobbies and Why You Love Them


It’s Monday!

Good, good, good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I feel like they always go by a little too quickly, but I guess that's what makes us look forward to them so much during the week. (source) I mentioned on Friday that Sean and I were starting to look at houses in … Continue reading It’s Monday!

Happy Friday

I am looking forward to this weekend times a million. Here's why: 1. Sean and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday! We put up with each other for a whole half a decade. 2. We're going to start looking at houses in the Atlanta area. I can't wait to start DIYing on … Continue reading Happy Friday