Beach Vacation and Cast Off!

Hey! Long time, no see. Sean and I took a break from real life (sort of), and headed to the beach last week with his family. We spent a week in Garden City, SC, a little beach just south of Myrtle Beach. I like it a lot there. We visited Sean's parents for a weekend … Continue reading Beach Vacation and Cast Off!


A Night with the Water Tech

Right after we moved in, Sean received a call that a company would like to come test our water. They said it'd take 25 to 30 minutes, and we'd get a free $25 restaurant gift card. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? So Sean arranged for them to come one Wednesday between 5 and … Continue reading A Night with the Water Tech

Some Philosophical Jibberish

I'm a little stunned by what's happening in Boston and Texas and in America in general today. I feel slightly ashamed for being so naive about what happens in other parts of the world every. day. As I search my Twitter feed for news on what's going on in the search for the Boston Marathon bombers and … Continue reading Some Philosophical Jibberish