One-Legged Karen

I spend a lot of time focusing on what I can't do with this broken leg. It's toxic, and I know it, but I fuel my own anger and frustration because I just don't have my usual outlets in the form that I'm used to. Is she really writing about this broken leg thing again? … Continue reading One-Legged Karen


The Weekend Update

This weekend was great. The weather was beautiful. The leaves are beginning to change. And fall is definitely in the air! Sean and I ran the Run Like Hell 5K at the Oakland Cemetery for the third year in a row. I made a Wall-E costume and won best costume! That's two awards, two years … Continue reading The Weekend Update

A Thursday List

1. Thanks for all your kind words about yesterday's post. Sometimes it's easier to just get it out there than to keep contemplating it on your own, you know? 2. Tonight I make my Lego costume for my race on Saturday. Ever since we've been in Atlanta, we've run the Oakland Cemetery Run Like Hell … Continue reading A Thursday List